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End of Year Projects

Principal’s Blog

Photo from a 7th grade project

This is an exciting time of year for students. In many classrooms, students have been working on projects for weeks and they are preparing for some type of public presentation or interaction.  For example, many students have been working in the garden all year and are now in the final design stage of building the fence and designing the beds with our Common Threads partner.  Our 8th graders will be prepping their poems for the annual Slam Poetry event, and our CTE students are putting the final touches on the projects they’ve designed in our Maker Space.

One of the signature attributes of Kulshan is its spirit of innovation.  Our teachers dream big.  They develop an idea, collaborate with colleagues, and take a risk.  In 6th grade, students are designing a “G is for Greece” book, mapping out a stable civilization, and then create their own Olympics games that will be re-created outside on our upper fields.  In 7th grade, students have partnered with volunteers from the Bellingham Youth Media Project to learn the elements of story.  Several student groups are making documentaries or short videos that will be presented in the Bellingham Youth Film Festival at the Pickford on May 6th. Other groups are creating photo documentaries.  One of our 7th grade groups designed a photo essay titled “Granted.”  Their project “documents the importance and reality of the homeless people in our community… We took the photos only with the consent of the people… We wanted to illustrate that every person in every community matters.”  When I read words like this, written by students, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and awe.  This is the Bellingham Promise in action: By creating authentic partnerships in our community, we are developing respectful and compassionate humans who engage with the broader world.  What an exciting time of year to be working with kids.

With Thunderbird Pride,

Meagan Dawson

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