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The Importance of Positive Relationships

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Kulshan Middle School has a tradition of sending off their students with a Farewell Tunnel.  Staff stand outside the front doors of the school to cheer, hug, and give high fives to every student that exits on the last day of school.  It is obviously an emotional time – especially for the students who are 8th graders and the students who know they are moving over the summer.  This school year, we used the book “This We Believe” as a foundational text for this blog and for KMS parents, in general.

In the last few pages of the book, it mentions the social and emotional development of young adolescents, highlighting:

  • the strong need for approval
  • how adolescents welcome and benefit from positive relationships with adults outside their families (such as coaches, teachers, spiritual leaders, and neighbors)
  • the importance of schools as places to encourage, support, and nurture students’ interests
  • students’ strong need to belong to a group

Our Farewell Tunnel ritual is a reminder of our strong school-focus on relationships and collaboration with students. Our Bellingham Promise asks us to develop students who are collaborators, team players, and compassionate humans.  Here’s to celebrating the 2017-2018 school year with a big high five to our Thunderbird Team!  Everyday, I witnessed our staff members create positive relationships, support students’ interests, and develop a sense of belonging for every student.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Meagan Dawson

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