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Kulshan Student Charter

Principal’s Blog

Every Fall, Kulshan students create a “Student Charter” to guide their interactions with each other and with staff.  It’s inspiring to hear and see students consider the way they want to feel at Kulshan, how they will create that environment, and what they will do when challenges and conflict arise.  This year, our students created the following charter:


We, the students at Kulshan Middle School, will work to create an environment in which we feel appreciated, joyful, and comfortable.  In order to create this environment, we will:

  • Look for ways to get to know each other so that we appreciate our differences as well as our similarities.
  • Be open-minded about our world, our school, our learning, and each other.
  • Lift each other up and seek to understand.

When challenges and conflict arise, we promise to:

  • Calm down before problem-solving to give ourselves a chance to think before acting.
  • Be respectful and honest about our feelings.
  • Get help or be the help.

The Bellingham Promise asks  us to develop students who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators, and respectful humans.  I am grateful to work in a community of learners who value the whole child and seek to become better collaborators and leaders every day.


With Thunderbird Pride,

Meagan Dawson


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