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What Makes a Great Team?

Principal’s Blog

Last week, we spent a half day on Thursday and all day Friday learning.  As educators, it is a natural part of our job to be learners.  We also work hard to learn how to create a great team.  Over the past few months, we’ve engaged in thoughtful conversation about our Kulshan community and our vision for our school.  In our shared Leadership Team book study, the author discusses how great teams have three specific outcomes:

  1. They create a valuable, useful, and appreciated product.
  2. Their collaboration skills increase.
  3. Their skills and knowledge increase.

As we think about our own growth at Kulshan, we hope we are modeling this process with your students as well.  Our Bellingham Promise asks us to develop students who are leaders, collaborators, and team players.  We know that our Kulshan students will be community members in places that need great teams.  We look for ways to build up that leadership in them everyday; and we enjoy learning alongside them.

With Thunderbird Pride,

Meagan Dawson

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