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Creating a Culture of Trust

Principal’s Blog

Middle school is a time when students want to be trusted.  As a middle school team, we try to give students many opportunities to take risks, collaborate, and show off their learning.  Last night at the Kulshan Band Concert, our students took huge risks.  They sat on a stage in front of 300+ audience members and played songs they learned just a few months ago.  Last week, we trusted our ASB students to design and deliver our Veteran’s Day assembly.  This month, we watchd our students deliver their Student-Led Conferences to parents and teachers during November Conference time.  Earlier in the year, we handed each student a laptop and trusted them to care for this device in a responsible and professional manner. Of course, not everything goes as planned.  Things break, accidents happen, people forget, and life happens.  This is the journey of growing up and gaining wisdom.

When we create conditions of trust, our students and our colleagues deliver.  We create resilient communities.  Yes, there are difficult issues and hard decisions, but we are prepared with sensible solutions.  It is an honor to be working with your students at Kulshan Middle School – creating a culture of trust every day.

With Thunderbird Pride,

Meagan Dawson

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