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Creating an Inviting School Culture

Principal’s Blog

If you have ever been in the Kulshan Middle School library during lunch, you’ll notice large numbers of kids clustered around tables and roaming around the tall book shelves.  Our Library Media Specialist, Nicky Cook-Desler gradually converted our library to more of a creative connection space last year. Using grants and building funds, we purchased flexible furniture and cafe tables.  If you follow “cutting-edge library news,” you’ll know this is a national movement where libraries are no longer sit-and-be-quiet spaces.  For example, at our Bellingham Public Library, patrons meet up with friends, take a class, teach a class, or join a book club.  Check out this article (click on the word “article”) to see examples of library trends.

In our Kulshan Library, our students make greeting cards, play games, design bookmarks, and create duct-tape wallets.  And for those of you who think these sorts of activities might decrease book circulation, think again!  Our annual book circulation has almost doubled since 2015.  Perhaps happy, engaged kids are more likely to find and read books that interest them.

If you are interested in leading a craft or introducing a new game to Kulshan students, please email Nicky Cook Desler at

With Thunderbird Pride,

Meagan Dawson


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