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Celebrating A Fabulous Year

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We’ve had an amazing week of celebrations here at Kulshan Middle School. Thank you to all of the families who set up for the day time ceremony and for the evening dance.  For the 8th grade families who joined us at the 8th Grade Celebration, you witnessed me completely lose my composure and cry happy-sad tears.  Happy that I got to spend three years with these kiddos; sad to think they won’t be at Kulshan next year.

Yesterday, our ASB students hosted our first annual Summer Send-Off, complete with a dunk tank, taco truck, shaved ice truck, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, karaoke, cake walk, and henna station. Parents and staff mingled with students and younger siblings as sounds of laughter, chatter, and shouts filled the air.  Brightly colored flags flickered in a light breeze as the sunshine peeked in and out of clouds. It was one of those afternoons when I thought, “Wow, I really love my job.”

Today, we fulfilled another one of our annual traditions – creating a goodbye tunnel in front of our school.  Our KMS staff members line both sides of the entrance and offer high fives and hugs to students as they leave.  Some students love this tradition – they make sure to smile and shake hands with every person. Other students rush through the line quickly to avoid the over stimulation.  Many students have bittersweet feelings when they see this tunnel of love – there are lots of tears, hugs, and promises made to come back and visit Kulshan when they are in high school.

Thank you, Kulshan parents, for your partnership and collaboration. It is an honor to serve your student and your family.  I truly love spending time with middle schoolers everyday – watching them grow, learn, think, play, and dream.  I wish you a fabulous summer and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Meagan Dawson


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