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WEB Student Leaders

Sixth Grade W.E.B. Orientation at KMS

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WEB Student Leaders
WEB Student Leaders

Hello Sixth Grade Kulshan Parents!

We are excited to welcome your 6th grade student to our W.E.B. Orientation Day this week! WEB Orientation takes place this Thursday, August 23 from 7:45 am – 12:00 noon.  It is a student-only event. Even if your student attended an orientation as a 5th grader, they are encouraged and expected to attend this WEB Orientation.

If you’ve had other children go through Kulshan, you’ll notice that 6th grade Orientation looks a little different this year.  As a district, we have adopted W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs) as our year-long orientation curriculum.  The program trains student mentors from our 8th grade class to be WEB Leaders and led by our WEB staff: Aaron Tiger and Lacey Bachman.  Our WEB Student Leaders will support our activities on Thursday and they will also provide academic and social support to 6th graders through the school year.  The goal of WEB is to insure that all 6th grades feel supported by Kulshan staff and Kulshan students in order to have a positive experience throughout middle school.

We look forward to this exciting new orientation event at Kulshan!  We invite you to check out the WEB website for more information on how this event will continue to build our positive school culture throughout the school year.

With Thunderbird Pride,

Meagan Dawson

** Please note: Though this WEB event is designed as a student-only event, we can make special accommodations for medical or other situations that require a parent to be on-site.


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