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6th Grade Teachers

Megan Butcher- Science

Julie Capper-Language Arts

Pippin Christiansen – Spanish

Laura Donner-Language Arts/ Read 180–Student access

Glenda Everett – Social Studies

Jennifer FrimmlLanguage Arts/ Social Studies

Beth IngersollMath

Tom Johnson – Science

David Jones – Orchestra/World Music

Gretchen Leggitt – Art–Click for more information

Pete Lupo – Language Arts/Social Studies

Terry Pauls – Special Education

Jennifer Rothnie – Band

Jason Systma – P.E.

Carrie Turner – P.E.

Todd Zimmerman-Math


Archaeology Research

Quizlet – Research Terms

Articles for Essential Question

1. Looking at Artifacts, Thinking about History

2. Dig and Deduce

3. Oldest Most Complete, Genetically Intact Human Skeleton in the New World Indicates Shared Ancestry

4. Archeologists Debate The Purpose Of 4,600-Year-Old ‘Provincial’ Pyramids That Predate Giza

5. When Statues Once Walked…

6. Neanderthal Man Type Site Rediscovered

7. Oldest Buddha Shrine Dates Birth to 6th Century B.C.

8. A Skull that Could Change History

9. Monte Verde sheds light on human migration