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Bellingham School District Counselors and Support Specialists provide comprehensive, developmentally appropriate education and support to meet the academic, personal/social, and future planning needs of all students.  We empower students to be self-aware, resilient individuals, who can overcome challenges, build healthy relationships, and thrive in our global community.(Bellingham Public Schools Procedure 2140P Instruction, 2014)

Our Team

Ann Keegan

School Psychologist

360-676-6470, Ext. 4754

Kevin Terpstra

School Counselor

Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30

360-676-4886, Ext. 4772

Aaron Tiger 

School Counselor

Monday- Friday 8:00-4:30

360-676-4886, Ext. 4771


Jennifer Newbauer

Counseling Intern

Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30

360-676-4886, Ext. 4707

Jeanne Bach


Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30

360-676-4886, Ext. 4705

Our Role in Student Success:

As per the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) Model, Bellingham Middle School Counselors provide both preventive and responsive services in:

  • Academic Development

  • Career Development

  • Personal/Social Development

The overriding themes of the program will be leadership, advocacy, collaboration and systemic change.  School counseling programs will be an integral part of students’ daily educational enviroment and school counselors and social workers should be partners in student achievement (Bellingham Public Schools Procedure 2140P Instruction, 2014).