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Social Studies Immigration unit

Global Thinkers and Artists

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Social Studies Immigration unit
Social Studies Immigration unit

Last Friday, several of our 7th graders and their families had the opportunity to see the students’ artwork on display at the Positive Negative Art Gallery on State Street in Bellingham as a part of the first Friday Community Artwalk.

As a part of our 7th grade immigration unit, we have been looking at the positive contributions and history around immigrants in our state. It has been so great to see students make connections and develop a deeper sense of identify for students who selected family members.  We learned that these Washington immigrants have such unique and positive stories.

Our Bellingham Promise makes a collective committment to empower students and contribute to their community. We seek to develop students who are historians, artists, global thinkers, confident individuals, and compassionate humans. We meet these outcomes by engaging in authentic partnerships with existing and new community partners.  Thank you to each and every one of you who supported our students and families in this amazing project!

Meagan Dawson


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