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Congrats to the 7th Grade Team for their BPSF Big Ideas Grant!

7th Grade Teachers


Kat Barrett – Band/World Music

Bryan Berreth – 7th Grade math syllabus–click, 7th-8th math syllabus–click

Julie Capper – Social Studies

Quinn Rathkamp – Social Studies

Pippin Christiansen – Art/Spanish

Tim Cosgrove – Language Arts/Social Studies  – Vision–click, Syllabus–click

Emily Dickinson – Special Education

Gretchen Howard – Read 180

Robert Hendricks – STEM

Kel Henry – 7th Grade math syllabus–click, 7th-8th math syllabus–click, Social Studies

Maggie Lester – Science/Social Studies – Syllabus–click

Laurie Mueller – Science – Syllabus–click

Jodie Schoolcraft – Language Arts – Vision–click, Syllabus–click

Erin Sebby – ELL

Ashlea Shepherd Rosinski – Social Studies – Vision–click, Syllabus–click

Jason Systma – P.E.

Katie Elliott (Atkins) – P.E.


Reading Survey




Washington State Resources

Google Maps

Access Washington (city websites)

Washington State Parks

Events in Washington State

FotoFlexer – A great tool for easy photo manipulation. This can help you illustrate your myth!

Good Reads Challenge – 7th grade readers, accept the challenge! See the librarian or a language arts teacher for details.


Reading – Earthquake Resistant Buildings