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Activities & Athletics Registration

If you are new to FinalForms and have never logged in, you will need to activate an account. Click on the FinalForms link above and select “Never logged in.”  Enter your email address that is registered in Skyward. A confirmation email from FinalForms will be sent to your inbox and you will be asked to create a password. Once in FinalForms, you will register your student using the instructions below.

To register, please select, “Add Sport,” followed by the desired “Intramural activity.” Please note that ASB cards and sports physicals are not required this year, and that transportation is not provided for participation in after-school activities. Students who don’t walk, should be picked up at 4 pm. Due to COVID safety protocols, students will not have access to lockers or the locker room, and should come to school in the clothes they wish to participate in if possible, and be prepared to carry their personal items with them throughout the day. Students are encouraged to leave their valuables at home and to clearly label any sports equipment they bring with them (i.e. cleats).


If you have any questions, please reach out. We are more than happy to help!


Cindy Schuitema – Administrative Assistant,



Unified Soccer

All Grades

Head coach: Carrie Pasquale

Cross Country

All Grades

Head coach: Viry Ferreira



All Grades

Head coaches: Kel Henry and Brittany Lewis