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Congratulations to our 7th grade team at Kulshan Middle School for winning a BIG IDEA grant from the Bellingham Schools Foundation.  Our 7th graders have the opportunity to create a media project in their second semester. Mr. Cosgrove and Ms. Schoolcraft have partnered with The Bellingham Youth Media Project to support their grade level mission: KMS students are good humans and powerful communicators who are making a positive impact.  Throughout the year, our Bellingham Schools Foundation raises funds and community resources so every child feels healthy, engaged, supported and challenged. The Foundation helps to bridge the gap between basic education funding provided by the State of Washington and what is needed to meet the Bellingham School District’s goals of academic excellence in accordance with its strategic plan, The Bellingham Promise. More information about the grant process and past grant winners can be found here.  If you would like to make a donation to the Bellingham Foundation, click here.