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The Fusion of Art and Technology



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male students working with wood

Female students working with wood

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This spring, first time CTE students Chloe Sygitowicz, Kaia Monson, and Genevieve Taylor (Kaia’s very patient practice model) took advantage of a visit from Dr. Baker, and created something pretty amazing.    The project began with Kaia taking a series of still photographs around Dr. Baker.  Then, the photos were downloaded into Autodesk-a design program which converts two dimensional objects into three dimensional objects.  What was left was a computer generated, true to life, 3-D picture of Dr. Baker’s head and shoulders.  This image was then downloaded into CTE’s design program, Rhino.  And then the fun really began!  After several attempts, Kaia and Chloe-using Kulshan’s Makergear 3-D printer- rendered a true to life replica of Dr. Baker- complete with a base inscribed with “Dr. Baker says NO to more snow!” in tribute to this year’s wild, wintry, weather.  “This was a year of firsts….” explained Rob Hendricks, one of Kulshan’s CTE instructors.  “This was the first year that these three students had taken design engineering- as well as the first year of Kulshan’s new, fully operational, design and build lab space.  It’s remarkable just how far a design engineering student can go in just one year!”

Boy with table saw

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“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” — Albert Einstein

Hello and welcome to Kulshan’s CTE page.  The acronym, CTE, is the State of Washington’s term for Career and Technical Education.  Many educational programs fall under the CTE umbrella, such as: business, aerospace engineering, culinary arts, agriculture, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).    STEM is typically best utilized in middle school as it acts as a bridge between it and the more specialized CTE classes in high school.

Here at Kulshan, our new CTE program is steadily taking shape and we are pleased with the level of success that the students have had so far in developing their engineering, technology, and math skills.   All of Kulshan’s CTE students begin their STEM education by working with a computer design program named Rhino.  This program will take a student far in design engineering, and will help them in developing their conceptualization of three dimensional space.

Once the students have completed their designs in Rhino, they are then able to construct their designs.   The vast majority of our students have been totally fearless and innovative when it comes to this process!  So far, the students have created rings, keychains, name plaques, houses, mandalas, shelves, finger-jointed boxes, towers, catapults, and more.  Some of these projects are 3-D printed, others are laser cut, and our power tools are a student favorite.  Most of our projects are hybridized, using several mediums to create a final project…..all are initially generated in Rhino.

So, if you are wondering what your student has done in CTE, ask them to log on to their Edmodo account, and share their latest projects with you. This is where all of their projects are saved for grading, so you will be able to check on your student’s progress-and projects-all at the same time.

Please keep checking in to see the latest thing that the CTE students are up to!  And if you have any questions, concerns, or a desire to volunteer, please contact:

Rob Hendricks:   360.676.6470 #4743    or

Tara Vaughan:    360.676.6470 #4738    or

Jeff Thran:           360.676.6470 #4714    or




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