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Microsoft Teams Resource Page

Kulshan Middle School


As we move to the MS Teams platform, parents and students may have many questions.  We wanted to post all MS Teams Resources in one spot.


Kulshan Tech Talk YouTube Channel


Frequently Asked Questions:


Where do I find MS Teams?  MS Teams is already a part of your Microsoft Suite and the video tutorial posted below shows you how to access MS Teams on your student’s district laptop.


Why are we adding MS Teams?  During the closure of our buildings and the beginning of our online learning program, parents and students reported that it was difficult to view and organize their assignments.  MS Teams has been an option for us all along and it is connected to OneNote.  The platforms are normally used in tandem, but prior to April 2020, we were only using OneNote.  Using both platforms simultaneously is the easiest way for you and your student to view, organize, and turn in assignments.  The teachers who moved to MS Teams early also noticed a significant increase in student participation, so we realized that MS Teams was helping with our student engagement and participation.


How do I start using MS Teams?  Check out the videos below, made by our Kulshan teacher Tyler Dockins:


Link to Video Tutorial (Guidance by Mr. Dockins in Video Form)


What if MS Teams doesn’t work for me?  Reach out to one of your teachers or Mr. Dockins.  We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.


Will my student still be using OneNote?  Yes, our teachers and students will continue to use OneNote, but most assignments will be given in MS Teams because it is easier for students to access and respond.


As always, if you need additional support via a phone call, Zoom, email, or text, please reach out to one of your student’s teachers or our Tech/ Library team:


Tyler Dockins – KMS Ed Tech Coach

Adam Shaffer – KMS Librarian


Thank you!


Meagan Dawson, Ed.D.


Kulshan Middle School


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