District to begin school year remote, first day Sept. 8
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At Kulshan Middle School, we aspire to foster a caring and thinking-rich environment where students are actively involved in meaningful work. We continually strive to improve the ways in which we support and challenge all students in reaching their fullest potential during the pivotal developmental years of middle school.


In our Kulshan community, we are courageous, kind, and committed.

History – The Kulshan Legend

“Kulshan” is the Native American name for Mount Baker. Our Kulshan logo is the mythological Thunderbird. The Thunderbird was responsible for the protection of the salmon. Legend has it that in order to save the salmon from the killer whales, the mighty Thunderbird swooped down, picked up a giant Orca and dropped it into the top of Mt. Baker. That is when Komo Kulshan erupted for the first time. The Thunderbird was selected by our students to represent our school. Mr. Frank Lawrence of the Lummi Nation created our Thunderbird logo. We are very proud of our symbol and always treat it with respect.

School Colors
Our school colors are dark royal blue, a deep red, and silver. The blue represents the sea where the Orca lives.  Red stands for the color of the sky when Mt. Baker erupted. Silver is the color of the salmon that the Thunderbird protected.


Emergency and Safety Information

Keeping our students and staff safe at school is a top priority. Bellingham Public Schools coordinates with all local emergency responders to ensure our procedures and plans for fire, earthquake, lockdowns and other drills are current and reflect best practices for student safety.

What to do in an emergency »