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While we are in this remote learning stage, we may experience power outages that will affect our Kushan online classes.  Here are some general guidelines about power/internet outages that affect class

  • If your student cannot login to class because your home has lost power or internet, please email or message their teacher(s) once they are able to. Our staff will help your student catch up.
  • If your power goes out, please notify Jeneen Durand, our Attendance Secretary by calling 360-647-6877 or emailing
  • If a teacher can’t start a class because of an extenuating circumstance like a power outage, they will message their students and/or families as soon as possible with next steps.
  • If a teacher loses connection during a class, students should stay on the class for a few minutes while the teacher logs back in. If the teacher is unable to make it back quickly, please check students’ email and MS Teams for instructions from the teacher.

Some families have asked whether power outages would result in a cancelled day of remote learning, like a snow day.

The answer is that we will work to keep school running as much as possible. Just like with snow, the decision will be made at a district level on a case-by-case basis. The more an outage is short or contained to specific areas, the less likely schools would close. The longer the outage or the larger the area, the more likely schools could close.

The school district will use email, text messaging and the district website to communicate closures, if any. To be prepared, take a few minutes to login to Skyward Family Access and update your family’s communication preferences in the Skylert tab. If you need help logging in to Skyward Family Access, please contact our registrar, Viry Ferreira at