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8th grade students created webpages for our Land Pedagogy-based poetry unit. Their essential question was: What does it mean to think of land as a source of knowledge and understanding? They explored this question by observing elements of the outdoors, writing multiple forms of poetry, daily analysis of poetry by indigenous writers, engaging in conversations about colonization, considering the role/responsibility of non-native peoples in decolonization, and visiting Whatcom Falls to hear stories from Lummi Nation elder and educator, Frank Bob.


The Weight of the Land by Madison Knapp


Through Our Eyes by Kiah Humphries and Anna Palmer


This is Not My Land by Naomi Bloom


Rain, Bees, Cottonwood and the Breeze by Keira Gellys and Avery Ellis


Mist of the Land by Shahmeer Imran and Quentin Leppela


Where We Landed by Andrea Cervantes, Rey Alvarado, Izzie Romero


Poems About Land by Javier Lira, Hector Cruz, Alex Coleman